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Bikini Line Gastric Sleeve 

A Bariatric surgery without visible wounds.
It is a gastric sleeve at the bikini line, and is characterized by the effects of surgery (scars) that are not visible to the eye. 


Costs & Info

  • Surgery Costs: € 6.500—€ 7.100 

  • THE PERFECT SUMMER OFFER: €5.900—€ 6.500

  • The procedure performs: Top class Bariatric Surgeon, Professor, Doctor of Sciences with 30 years of experience

  • Expected weight loss: Loss of 60% of excess weight within one year

  • Surgery Time  -  1—1.5 hours 

  • Clinic Stay  -  2 nights 

  • Fly Home  -  4—6 days

  • Time off Work -  1—3 weeks

  • Full Recovery  -  4—6 weeks

  • Possible refund from your local health board

Weight Loss


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EU Cross Border Healthare Directive Ireland
How To Apply?

The EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive determines rights to receive planned medical treatment in European Economic Area. If you live in any other EEA country and have to wait long for your treatment at home, you have rights to have it in Lithuania and get paid by HSE in Ireland.


You just have to follow some simple steps:

  • contact your GP for a referral,

  • contact us to arrange an appointment and medical treatment,

  • go for treatment and pay privately,

  • we will help you to complete all the necessary documentation and apply for reimbursement.

We Offer All-Inclusive Package 

We eliminate all of the planning and preparation by taking care of everything from the moment you arrive in Lithuania to the moment you depart. Ground transportation, hotel stay, and everything in between is covered in our All-Inclusive Package.

The only expenses you have are the flights and any additional care that goes beyond the essentials.

  • Consultation with Anaesthetist before the surgery

  • Blood tests

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Bariatric surgery (all-inclusive)

  • Local dietitian consultation and postoperative diet recommendations in your private room

  • Special meals after surgery in the clinic

  • All medical documents

  • FREE consultation with BaltiClinic Aesthetic plastic surgeon (after 12 months)

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Help with organizing the trip

  • Private Ground Transportation 

  • Certified Surgeon

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Patient Coordination

  • 24/7 Surgical Team and Nursing Staff

  • Hospital stay in private room (2 days)

  • 4.5 Star Hotel (5 nights)

  • Online Support Group

  • Consultation with Endocrinologist

  • Gastric Endoscopy test

GASTRIC ENDOSCOPY TEST and Consultation with ENDOCRINOLOGIST before the surgery - a mandatory and very important tool in preoperative assessment!

WHAT’S INCLUDED in the Bikini Line Sleeve All-Inclusive package?


The procedures is performed
by a Bariatric Surgeon



Bariatric Surgeon Antanas Mickevičius MD, PhD - one of the most respected bariatric and upper GI surgeons in Europe with extensive training and 30 years of experience in Swedish, British and Lithuanian healthcare systems.
His areas of expertise include Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Bikini Line Sleeve, Gastric Plication, Gastric Band, Gastric Balloon.
Antanas Mickevičius MD, PhD is Bariatric surgeon whitch makes patients happy and professionalism guarantees that patients with obesity have highest quality gastric surgeries.


Our highly trained bariatric surgeon and experienced medical staff are committed to the highest level of patient care. To our patients, we are offering a safe, friendly and discreet environment. Confidentiality and individual attention are guaranteed. 

What is the difference between a regular laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve and a Bikini one?

The regular gastric sleeve is done through 5 small surgical openings in size not more than 1 cm in size, but they are visible wounds in the abdominal area, although they are very small in size.
A bikini gastrectomy is a laparoscopic procedure in which the same steps as the normal gastric sleeve process are performed, but with two small surgical openings at the bikini line below the abdomen. In addition to the camera slot at the navel. Consequently, it leads to a better cosmetic look due to the absence of any visible wounds throughout the abdomen.

Candidates for the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery

1. The BMI should be 35 or more.
2. Performing the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery between the ages of 18 and 65 years.
3. The patients who suffer from the complications of obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.
4. The patients who tried to lose weight through diet and exercises but did not achieve the desired result.

5. Cases that suffer from bad healing and form prominent wounds that are not acceptable in form when healing, especially in the dark brown color skin.

6. Unmarried women and girls who prefer the best cosmetic look of the abdominal area.

7. Obese patients who prefer to make their bariatric surgery a a secret.

8. Some cases may be prohibited from the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery depending on the state of health and weight.

STEP of the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery

1. A small opening is made at the navel area, through which the camera is inserted and the stomach is taken out.
2. Two openings are made to insert laparoscope tools, and each opening doesn't exceed 1 cm.
3. The surgery takes place at the bikini line in places that are not visible at all, so it does not affect the aesthetic shape of the abdomen.
4. The duration of the surgery is about one hour.
5. One-day hospital stay, recovery and wound healing duration are very short.

Expectations after the Bikini Gastric Sleeve

1. Maintaining the natural functioning of the digestive system.
2. The surgery contributes significantly to the treatment of complications of obesity such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, arthritis and also significantly improving the psychological condition.
3. Helps reduce hunger and speed of fullness after eating small amounts of food.
4. Loss of 60% of excess weight within one year.
5. Changing the patient's lifestyle in terms of a new diet and commitment to sports to maintain the outcome of the operation.

6. Bikini Gastric Sleeve  is characterized by the fact that it does not affect the aesthetic shape of the abdomen and does not leave traces of wounds such as the Traditional Gastric Sleeve.

7. The Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery helps to reduce the rate of secretion of the hormone ghrelin, which is secreted through the cells of the fundus the stomach, which is the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger.

8. The tools that are used are long, can only be performed with a surgeon with great experience.



WHY choose

  • World class medical treatments

  • Highly qualified surgeons

  • Over 20 years of experience

  • Quality and Responsibility

  • Modern Clinic and latest technologies

  • 24/7 Individualized Care 

  • Wide range of medical procedures

  • Comprehensive bariatric treatment and care package

  • All English speaking Staff

  • Lithuania is a Safe and Reliable Country

  • Affordable prices

STEPS For Medical Travel

  • Write us a message and we will gladly answer to all of your questions about the procedure.️

  • We will arrange a free online consultation.

  • We will book your appointment date.

  • ️Flight tickets, hotel reservation. You can do it on your own or we can help you with all recommendations.

  • Then in Lithuania, we will greet you at the airport and your private driver will take you to the clinic for a personal consultation with a doctor.

  • Night at the hotel before your procedure.

  • ️In the morning of your surgery, your private driver will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the clinic.

  • Your assistant will be with you all the time so you can feel as comfortable as possible.

  • After the surgery, you will stay at our clinic for 1-2 nights depending on your procedure in a luxury room with all amenities. Our professionals will take exceptional and individual care of you 24 hours a day.

  • Before discharge, you will meet your surgeon, he will also explain to you all postoperative care details. You will get your medication set.

  • Your assistant will be in contact with you all the time during your stay and after flying back home. There is no need to worry about travelling alone as every minute of your stay you will feel cared and supported.

Your personal coordinator will be the person who you will speak to or receive the first email from. Your coordinator will happily answer any questions you might have and guide you through all information you may need by providing you with the support in your plastic surgery journey.