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To get started on your weight-loss journey, please fill out our preliminary questionnaire.

We respect our patients’ privacy and guarantee that your personal information will not be misused.  Read our Privacy policy.

The procedure is performed
by a Bariatric Surgeon



Bariatric Surgeon Antanas Mickevičius MD, PhD - one of the most respected bariatric and upper GI surgeons in Europe with extensive training and 20+ years of experience in Swedish, British and Lithuanian healthcare systems.
His areas of expertise include Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Plication.
Antanas Mickevičius MD, PhD is Bariatric surgeon whitch makes patients happy and professionalism guarantees that patients with obesity have highest quality gastric surgeries.


QUESTIONS for your Weight Loss Surgeon during a consultation

1. Am I a good candidate for weight loss surgery?

2. Should I try other weight loss options before I have surgery?

3. What are the different bariatric procedures available!

4. How do different surgeries compare to each other in terms of expected weight loss? Which is the least risky? Which is the riskiest?

5. What bariatric procedure do you recommend for me?

6. How much weight can I expect to lose?

7. Will the surgery affect my other health conditions?

8. What are the most common complications after weight loss surgery?

9. Will I be able to get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

10. Do I need to have any tests or imaging studies done before the surgery?

Questions about the

1. How is the surgery done? 

2. Is it an open procedure or laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery?

3 How often do complications occur?

4. How long will I have to stay in the hospital?

5. How active can I be when I return home after weight loss surgery?

6. How many days do I need to take off work to recover?

7. What should I expect in terms of wounds and scarring?

8. How soon after the procedure can I start exercising?

9. Will I need further surgery to remove sagging skin after weight loss?

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