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WHY CHOOSE BaltiClinic?

  • As leaders in our field with over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of our duties and feel a deep responsibility to provide you with the best possible results.​

  • From your first contact to the end of your recovery period, you will feel respected, empowered and cared.

  • At BaltiClinic, you will find a team truly dedicated to excellence and provision of the highest quality, most compassionate care and service to each and every one of our patients.

  • If you have concerns about travelling abroad for a medical procedure - we are here to answer your questions. We aim to present you clear and concise information so that you can be confident about making your decision.   

  • We understand that price transparency is important to you and we pay strict attention to prepare the most affordable financial budget for your trip. We will always confirm final prices to make sure that there are no hidden or unexpected costs for you.       

  • We will be with you during the entire process, starting before you arrive in Lithuania and continuing after you leave, until you are fully recovered. 

  • Don’t postpone the look of your dreams another day.

Why is Lithuania THE BEST


  • Lithuania is meeting the highest ES international medical standards.

  • First-class equipment by modern European standards.

  • Large selection of plastic surgery, weight loss, orthopedic, dentistry treatments.

  • Years of experience with foreign patients.

  • Our prices are up to 60% less as compared to UK, Ireland & Western Europe.

  • Our experts will recommend a suitable treatment for you in the first consultation, free of cost.

  • The final price includes all services medications provided by BaltiClinic, with no hidden costs.

  • Lithuania is a unique and beautiful country in central Europe. Accordingly, it’s easy to get here from anywhere on this continent.

  • Lithuania is a member of the European Union, thus fulfilling all EU healthcare requirements and directives of high quality.

  • Specialists describe Lithuania as one of the ten top countries in the world for plastic surgery.

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